Robin’s Story


Last year I decided to stop. Literally, stop. 

My once passionate self had become numbed by the chaos of living. My career had gone on autopilot, and — without me realizing it — so had my life. My 11-year relationship with a man I loved dearly had ended, and while we separated for the right reasons, my heart was still broken. So I stopped: Quit my job, sold my apartment and bought a one-way ticket to Bali. 

I realized from the start I was no longer seeking a corner office. I was craving a creative outlet. I’ve always known that occupying my hands was the best way to quiet my mind. So, I picked up a needle and thread and began to embroider. I stitched small designs on my jeans that represented things that brought me joy or marked moments in my journey. Things like that drive-in sign shining through the back window of our car where I experienced my first kiss. The flip flops that always reminded me that summer was just around the corner. The ring my mother gave me just before she passed. The lyrics to my favorite song — that without fail, brings a smile to my face.

As I stitched, the story of ‘me’ began to unfold before my eyes. Running my fingers across the embroidered designs, I could literally follow the narrative thread of my life. 

When I started on that first pair, I thought finishing the jeans was my mission, a colorful burial of my grief beneath the threads as well as a celebration of people, places and things I loved. Yet, I quickly realized, this was actually the start of a new journey.

I knew that what made a difference in my life could also make a difference in the lives of others, inspiring them to tell their stories and to share them with the world. More than that, I realized that it was a way to give back to others less fortunate. 

That is how THREADED TALES was born.